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Thinker? or Doer?

October 25, 2012

Are you a thinker, or a doer?  Do you actively seek out things that might improve others, your company, or yourself? Or do you just think about doing something? All too often we read books, articles, or, dare I say, blogs that are theoretical in nature. They are great on the surface, and present a […]


October 22, 2012

Celebrate the highs, ignore the lows. Ignore the highs, wallow in the lows. Which is it? So many times in our leadership lives, we are faced with this dilemma. Do we exaggerate the wins to the point of creating an overconfident employee? Or, do we flip that philosophy and over-analyze, and criticize the lows, thus […]


October 18, 2012

How do you motivate your people? Do you “whip them into shape” by yelling and screaming? Do you hunker down in your office and let them do their own thing, until they figure it out themselves? Do you give them a compensation plan and send them out the door? If you have read any books on motivation, […]


October 15, 2012

Who pushes you? Do you have someone who demands excellence from you? Do you have someone in your life that challenges you to be better than you already are? Or, do you follow the crowd? Many of us do a little of both, depending on the situation, and our comfort level. Many of us are […]


October 11, 2012

“Be QUIET!!!” the woman yelled at her kids, ultimately joining them in their noisy-ness. “Stop yelling!!” she screamed again. By this time it was too late for her wishes of solitude to be granted, as she had aided the children in creating the chaos that she was so desperately trying to rid herself of. Ahhh…quiet […]

Their, There, They’re

October 8, 2012

Their. There. They’re. It’s. Its. Affect. Effect. Your. You’re. Our. Are. To. Too. Two. Do you know the proper use of the above words? Or do you usually just guess at which application applies and move forward without another thought? Did you know that when you use these words incorrectly, people talk about you behind your back? Ok, […]


October 5, 2012

Are you going pink this month?

Are you getting it?

October 1, 2012

….the iPhone 5™ that is? Were you one of the millions of people who preordered the device, or stood in lines, outside the Apple™ store, that were blocks long? I was. I got my first iPhone™ less than 9 months ago, and use it for virtually everything. I had a Blackberry™ before that, and was a diehard fan […]

Competitive Advantage

September 27, 2012

What makes your company different? Do you know? Do your employees know? Do your customers know? Today, I will search the internet approximately 50 times, for something I need. That’s an average day, when I’m not on a mission to buy something. If I’m actually purchasing something, that # increases exponentially. The internet provides every […]

Daily Goal

September 24, 2012

I downloaded the Bible App™ for my phone about 6 months ago. It reminds me every day to read the next chapter of the Bible. It allows me to highlight my favorite passages, and share them on Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail if I choose to do so. It stores bookmarks that I find interesting. It is […]