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Why Is My Upstairs Always Uncomfortable?

How many of you make the dreaded trek up the stairs every night to go to bed, only to find that it is a much different temperature than the floor that you just departed from? I would venture to say that if I asked everyone that has a two-story home to raise their hands if their upstairs is significantly hotter/colder than their main level, I would get approximately 95% of the respondents to agree.

That’s where the concept of zoning comes in. Imagine, if you will, the refrigerator in your kitchen. When you want something to stay cool, but not frozen, you place that item in the main portion of the unit. This keeps the item at a reasonable temperature, so that it stays cold. However, when you want to freeze something, you place it in the freezer portion of the unit, thus causing it to get much colder. That, in its simplicity, is how zoning works.

If your upstairs temperature is significantly different from your main level, then you may experience relief from zoning. Zoning allows the heating and cooling system to push the hot/cold air where ever you need it, rather than simply putting it out all over, and waiting until the thermostat tells it to stop.

In a zoned system, you have multiple thermostats, in different areas of the home. My house, for example, has two zones. The main level and basement are on Zone#1, while my upstairs is on Zone#2. Each zone has a thermostat that I have programmed to keep us comfortable throughout the various times of the day. The zone system allows me to push more air to the main level when we aren’t in bed, and shifts that focus to upstairs once we settle in for the night.

But, I’m already comfortable (or I don’t have a 2 story house)

There are many advantages of zoning, other than the comfort of the occupants of the home. For example:

  • Upgraded comfort: Even the most simple HVAC system can be upgraded, simply by adding zoning. You can take an entry-level system (many newly constructed homes have this type of set up) and add zoning. This makes a previously uncomfortable setup, comfortable.
  • Energy Efficiency: Zoning allows you to set back thermostats in zones that aren’t being used, thus reducing the amount of energy used to condition the rest of your home.
  • Convenience: Zoned systems allow you to eliminate the walk back downstairs (or down the hall in a ranch home) to adjust the thermostat, when you are uncomfortable in your bedroom at night. By simply installing the Zone#2 thermostat in a location of your choosing, upstairs, you have added convenience in the middle of the night.

Zoning has made a huge difference in our home’s comfort, and has significantly reduced the amount of complaining coming from the kids’ rooms when they are too hot, or cold, at night!

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