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What Difference Does My Air Filter Make?

How many times have you forgotten to change your furnace filter? The following are the suggested life spans of basic filters of varying sizes:

1″ = 1 Month

2″ = 2-3 Months

4″ = 4-6 Months

Of course, this is dependent upon how clean your home is, whether you have kids and pets, and how often you clean your home. Often times it’s not unusual to have a 1″ or 2″ filter that looks brand new after 2 months, simply because the homeowner does such a great job cleaning, thus keeping the amount of dirt being pushed through the filter, to a minimum.

However, if you are like the other 95% of the population, you aren’t that meticulous, and your filter is doing its job, and then some. How many times has a month passed, with you thinking about changing your 1″ filter, and then forgetting it because you don’t feel like going to the store, or to the basement? It happens all the time. Our Service Technicians, here at Thermal Services see it all the time on our maintenance checks. They go to a home for a heat check in October, and discover the same 1″ or 2″ filter that they replaced in April at the cool check.

So what?

If you choose not to change your filter, you can actually do a lot of harm to more than just your lungs:

  • As a filter does its job, it collects things. Things like hair, dirt, pollen, pet dander, and cats (ok, I’m kidding about the cats, but we have seen birds in the filters before!). When the filter gets full of these things, it begins to reduce the performance of the furnace. This is because of simple physics. You can’t push air, when you aren’t getting any air to push.
  • Your energy bills can drastically increase due to the extra energy that it’s taking to heat/cool your home.
  • It will take longer to heat/cool your home, because of the reduction in air flow.
  • Your furnace can actually shut down, when the filter gets too clogged, because of the restrictions.

Oftentimes, people are just too busy to change their filters. There are several options for this type of busy lifestyle, including a Filters to Your Door plan. It’s one of many options available to homeowners, to make their lives easier, and less stressful.

Regardless of whether you choose a plan like the one offered from Thermal Services, or just write yourself a note every month, it’s important to remember to check, and change, your furnace filters on a regular basis, depending upon what size of filter you have.


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