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Archive for November 2012

Why Should I Have a Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector?

November 30, 2012

The silent killer. That is the name given to Carbon Monoxide (CO). It fits too. Every year, at about this time, we start hearing about pets, people, or families being found in their home, after having unknowingly inhaled the deadly fumes. It’s nothing to mess around with, and too many people die each year from […]

Is the Crack in My Heat Exchanger Dangerous?

November 28, 2012

By Mark Tweedy, Residential Service Manager, Thermal Services Winter is just around the corner and stories on carbon monoxide are already frequenting our local evening news broadcast. Whether it deserves it or not, it seems, to me, that the furnace is always the first suspect. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. With the exception of […]

Why Does My Door Shock Me More In The Winter? (& Other Humidity Issues)

November 23, 2012

How many times have you touched a door handle, or your refrigerator, only to be shocked? What causes it, and why does it seem to happen more in the Fall or Winter? Most importantly, why does my hair stand on end when I’ve walked across my carpet? One simple explanation exists for these problems: Humidity. […]

Happy Thanksgiving!

November 21, 2012

Thermal Services would like to wish a very Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. We hope that this finds you, and your family, well. Before putting those turkey leftovers down the drain, be sure to read this blog post on what you should be using your garbage disposal for!

Why Does Having a NATE Certified Technician Matter?

November 16, 2012

Many heating and cooling companies refer to their technicians as having their “NATE Certification,” and they act as if this is a big deal that their customers should pay attention to. However, most people outside of the HVAC-R industry don’t understand the significance of the NATE organization, and what it actually means to them, the […]

Why Is My Heat Pump Smoking? (& Other Common Questions About Heat Pumps)

November 14, 2012

Many homeowners, today, are experiencing the advantages of having a heat pump installed as a major component of their heating and cooling system. However, with all of the advantages of owning a heat pump, there are several questions that come up every year, when the heating capabilities of those heat pumps is turned on. For […]

Cold Weather Plumbing Tips for Nebraska Homeowners

November 9, 2012

With the weather forecast creeping toward the 20s, it’s time to start considering your whole-home plumbing system, and how you can protect it from the cold weather we are bound to see, living in Nebraska. To many, the idea of frozen pipes doesn’t set off any alarms, simply because they haven’t experienced the discomfort, and […]