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Daily Goal

I downloaded the Bible App™ for my phone about 6 months ago. It reminds me every day to read the next chapter of the Bible. It allows me to highlight my favorite passages, and share them on Facebook, Twitter, or e-mail if I choose to do so. It stores bookmarks that I find interesting. It is a pretty cool app that keeps me in tune with my faith.

Every day at 7:00 AM I get a reminder from my phone that I should read today’s assigned reading. Some days, I am able to get to it right away. Other days, I end up missing the mark. When I started the daily readings 9 months ago, I got off to a good start, and got ahead of the assigned schedule. This, however, has now regressed into me being 3 weeks behind. I still take some time to read daily. Sometimes it’s not the assigned reading. Other times, it’s not even from the Bible. Regardless of my reasoning, I’ve fallen so far behind, I’ve lost confidence in my ability to catch back up.

What, in your life, have you fallen behind on? What did you start out doing on a daily basis, and have let wane to the point of excluding it from your life completely? What are you now lax on, that you used to be a devout follower of? Do you still get up early every day? Have you kept up with your daily workout? Are you still on top of making a specific number of connections each week?

What goals do you need to revisit? What did you used to do that needs to be reset, and started over?

Why not do it now?


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