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If You Build It…

May 31, 2012

Almost all of us had them growing up. Almost all of us will fiddle around with them, when we are near them as adults. If given the chance to play, uninterrupted, with them, for an hour or two, I would bet that we all would do it…even if it took a little coaxing at first. […]


May 28, 2012

We’ve all done it. We’ve coasted. Unfortunately, it’s a way of life for some people. My basketball coach once yelled at us, If you aren’t going to move with a purpose then don’t move at all. If that’s your approach, then get your butt on the bench and I’ll find someone who will do it […]

Ribbit Ribbit

May 24, 2012

Mark Twain lived by the philosophy that if you woke up each morning and ate a frog, you could then go through the rest of your day knowing that the worst is behind you. Seems legit, right? Who amongst us has had something happen to us that would be less appealing than eating a frog? […]

If the Puzzle Piece Fits

May 21, 2012

Are you constantly trying to find the piece of the puzzle that your company is missing? Are your eyes always open to the next all-star employee for your company? Headhunters recruit. College coaches recruit. And, although they will tell you otherwise, many high school coaches recruit. Why shouldn’t you? The stereotypical recruitment journey goes something […]

May 17, 2012

Originally posted on Linked 2 Leadership:
It took me a couple of years of being a leader to get to the point of maturity where I could readily admit this humble truth about “being right”: It just doesn’t matter who is right (my company or the customer). On Being Right To get to this point, I…

Failing by Choice

May 17, 2012

Do you fail by choice? Seriously. While speaking with a couple of my friends, the topic came up about people who we knew that aren’t good at what they are currently doing. One of my fellow conversation mates stated that she felt bad because this person didn’t know that they stunk at what they did for a living. […]

The “You” Team

May 14, 2012

Lebron has D-Wade, Michael Jordan had Scottie Pippen, Phil Mickelson has his caddy, Bill Gates has his Board of Directors, and in perhaps the most famous “team” of all, Murdoch had BA Baracus, and Hannibal…who is on your team? Each of us needs a team. In our personal life, work, and socially, we all need a team. […]

I Can See You

May 10, 2012

Where are you at right now? Can anyone see you? If you are a leader, hopefully you are saying that you are on your way to a job site, ride along, or to visit an employee. Are you in front of your employees? Are you visiting them on a regular basis? How often? I fell […]


May 7, 2012

I recently attended an open house held by one of our business partners. This was their annual celebration that was meant to thank all of their customers, and had a nice catered lunch, with door prizes, and the whole nine yards. It is a very nice event, and is one that many of our employees […]

Know It All

May 3, 2012

“It is what you learn after you know it all, that counts.” – John Wooden – You know, THE John Wooden that won over 80% of the games that he coached on a major college level. I’d say he’s qualified to be quoted on what it takes to win. So, what have you done lately? […]